Sunday, August 7

My day

started off not as I had planned, a bit emotional you know when all of a sudden the built up tension results in an immediate headache.  I'm ok, I believe that things happen for us to learn as hard as that learning can be in that moment.  My plans for the day changed, but I really liked how my day turned out in the end.  I spent time in the kitchen with my big girl doing what the two of us enjoy the most, cooking.  Thanks to Tania's scrummy recipe links the other day I had something yummy to eat, it was just what I needed today. The brownies are really delicious, you should definitely try the recipe.

Last weekend I did the weeding in my garden and added some organic fertiliser to prepare for the veggie planting today.  I headed out to my local garden nursery and picked up some seedlings, in particular ones that produce above the ground according to my moon planting guide.  Because the nursery didn't have any lettuce seedlings, I sprinkled some seeds into prepared pots as well as some broccoletti seeds. In my garden today I planted:
*silver beet
*bok choi
Now I can't wait to see them grow and see if my experimental moon planting works.

Have a wonderful Monday my friends and thank you for always putting a smile on my face


  1. Wow- the brownies look smashing. Good luck with your growing x

  2. Good luck with the plants!

  3. Brownies look scrum my - glad your day shaped up to be better xxx

  4. Oh my goodness, those brownies look good! Happy gardening, always interesting to experiment with moon planting. :)

    BTW, love love your crochet hook holder in the previous post!

  5. Oh, aren't you such a wise soul to recognise the cause of your headache :). I am meaning to plant some things in celebration of spring. I have a moon diary, which includes when to plant, I think I should consult it. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Mmmm, I have been craving brownies recently! I am intrigued by the moon planting theory! Would love to hear more about that! x

  7. I love the idea of planting by the moon, will be eager to see how your crop goes. My bok choi is almost ready to pick and as for lettuce, I have so much at present, I'm not sure what to do with it all!

  8. what a yummy post! glad things looked up for you. much brownie love for the week ahead!

  9. A brownie and a cup of tea would surely cure any woes. Hope you week is looking up. melx

  10. I love baking alongside my children, especially when the results are as scrummy as yours :)

    We are in the process of doing a herb garden but for amateurs like us it's a somewhat daunting task knowing what to plant when.


  11. So glad you tried and liked them! Hope that headache is all better. I must look into this moon planting.

  12. Oh how funny we just baked brownies yesterday with the girls after school :) Must be that time of the year where we crave that chocolate hit! hehe :)I hope you are all better now? xx


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