Wednesday, September 7

I spy

things that made me smile today.

A winding river
An old church
A pretty white flower
Some pretty opped sheets
And some milk glass vases

What made you smile today?


  1. Lovely photos! I'm not smiling yet, it's too early! I did smile lots yesterday watching Bella tottering around the playground after other toddlers :)

  2. Love those sheets, especially the blue ones. Making me smile today was seeing the fun Grace had at my mother-in-law's house playing with all her toys while I went for an ultrasound :)

  3. Lovely Photos Catherine

  4. Beautiful pictures! Making me smile is a chance meeting at a networking event with someone who realy made me laugh, lettuce from the garden and a pair of brand new flowery shoes bought from a charity shop for £2! Keep smiling :)

  5. Oh they're making me happy too. I just French plaited all my girls' hair so i'm pretty happy with those results, love Posie

  6. Gorgeous vintage sheets, they instantly transported me back to my grandparents house at the beach! They must have had similar ones. xx

  7. this blog post just made me smile :)

  8. That church is so the sheets and milk glass too.

    We skipped 'school' today and had loads of fun...mades my heart sing.

  9. what gorgeous photos. i love the river.

  10. Love those sheets
    I got 45 minutes to walk on the beach on my own - I think I smiled the whole way


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