Saturday, September 17

Links for Children

During my internet searching I've come across some interesting ideas just for children I thought you might like.

● Handmade educational resources to help children practice their alphabet and numbers.  And for those who are learning fractions, I found this great idea to help give children a visual representation to assist in understanding this concept.
● And with Spring now here and many of us on school holidays, I found this tutorial to make paper daffodils.  Or if you would rather the see flowers grow then you could make some of these simple newspaper pots and plants some seeds.
● Another idea I've put on my list of handmade Christmas presents is a library bag.  I found this tote tutorial I'm planning on using to make some as gifts.

May your Sunday be a sunny one


  1. Thank you dearest one for sharing these I will enjoy them with my little ones over the holidays. Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Always Wendy

  2. thank you so much for the links. You always have the best links!!!!
    I am going to give those newspaper pots a go.
    Thanks again

  3. I love the alphabet and number patches. Defintely one to book one.

    thanks heaps.

    Hope the sin is hining on you today.


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