Tuesday, September 27

Lovely Mail

 Yesterday I had a great day getting lots of bits of pretty in my mail box.
I received this lovely book in the mail from Amanda after being the lucky winner of her giveaway and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading it, thank you so much Amanda.
And in preparation for a special niece who is turning one soon I bought some bamboo flannel to make her a poppy doll and some bamboo towelling to make bibs and burp cloths for a couple of mother's to be.
This organic fabric I'll use for the baby gifts and for the poppy doll clothing.
I love organic food and we love making anything with chocolate in it so as a special treat I bought some chocolate chips and some Australian organic olive oil from here.

I haven't been shopping in ages it's not something I enjoy doing often anymore but I did enjoy this moment of internet shopping. Now I just need to start making but with it being the girls last week of holidays together I think we'll just try and hang out, crafting might just have to wait.

Have a wonderful Wednesday


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of all your "ingredients"

  2. So glad you won the book from Amanda. It is a lovely book and I'm looking forward to a second reading and making a few of the projects (when my machine is fixed). Look forward to seeing your finished projects. Cute mushrooms!

  3. Lovely post, Catherine. Congratulations on your win too. Yay! The family book looks lovely, wholesome food for the soul reading. Perfect for a rainy day :)

  4. The organic fabric is so cute, I love the little aimals. I am curious to see what you will be making, especially the poppy doll.
    And congratulations for your win, isn't it nice when it happens?

  5. Ooh I love that fabric, can't wait to see the finished projects :)

    Have heard great reviews about that book, much invest in a copy for myself.


  6. Love that organic fabric. Thanks for the link to the bamboo terry, I was just going on a hunt for some....looking forward to see what you make with it.

  7. It's always an exciting feeling when you receive something on the mail. Especially if they are as lovely as these! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  8. Ooh nice, can't wait to see your doll! Loving all your fabric, book and chocolate yum! xx

  9. What a fantastic win! I'm reading her book now too. Love your fabric purchases too. The bunny fabric is so sweet! :)

  10. you won, i think this is so cool for some reason. i have been entering her giveaways for years now and never won. i still need to buy my copy.


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