Monday, October 10


 Dinner tonight pumpkin and thyme risotto

Yesterday in the car I menu planned for the week, food is always on my mind and it meant one less thing to do when I got home when I was likely to be pretty tired.  With my list I went for my weekly shopping trip today and bought what I needed for the week but there was still nothing in the cupboard for afternoon tea so I made my 'go to' afternoon tea recipe, pikelets.  They are so quick and easy and by now I've got the recipe remembered off by heart.

1 cup self raising flour
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
¾ cup milk
1 egg lightly beaten

Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl.  Lightly beat the egg and add to the dry ingredients with the milk.  Mix well.  Drop spoonfuls of mixture onto a buttered frying pan.  When mixture bubbles turn over and cook on the other side.  Enjoy with jam and cream.

This is our menu for the week
●Chicken Paella
●Italian Meatballs in tomato and basil sauce
●Macaroni Cheese with salad
●Satay chicken, rice with steamed broccoli
●Pumpkin and Thyme Risotto ( We were meant to have this for dinner Sunday night but were too tired to cook so decided to have any easy dinner, boiled eggs with toast soldiers)

●Vanilla and raspberry cakes
●Cornflake biscuits

Do you have a favourite 'go to' recipe when you need to make something quickly?


  1. It's been a long time between pikelets for me. Thanks for the reminder, Catherine! x

  2. I can so relate to doing the shopping and still having nothing to eat!!
    Although I am not nearly so organised as you - dinner is a day to day affair here.
    I had my go to dinner tonight (cooked for kids and husband but didn't want it) - scrambled eggs!
    Hope your week is wonderful Catherine

  3. I couldn't get by without menu planning, just makes life so much easier to know in advance what's for dinner each night :)
    We do sometimes switch meals depending on what we feel like and I tend to rotate a months worth of meals to keep from eating the same thing all the time.

    Our easy meal would probably involve eggs too.


  4. you are so good to plan your meals for the week. I think about doing it, talk about doing it, know that it will save money in the long run at the supermarket, I just haven't gotten around to doing it, yet! Your pikelet recipe is virtually the same as mine, which i got out of one of my 4 ingredients cookbooks. Your finished product looks somewhat more profressional looking than the ones that leap from my frypan. have a lovely week Catherine. Jane x

  5. me again! your question was what go to meals I cook? tonight i 'threw together' a quick quiche, another 4 ingredients recipe actually. 1 sheet puff pastry, 1 tub sour cream, 3 eggs, herbs/cheese/bacon/whatever else you want to add for flavour. whisk eggs with sour cream, pour into quiche dish that has been lined with puff pastry. cook on about 180 for 20-30 min. voilah! it does not get easier than this. Jane x

  6. I always feel so hungry reading through your menu plan for the week :) Risotto sounds yummy. Our 'last minute' meal is usually eggs on toast too or a quick pasta with a stand by bottled sauce.

  7. Oh pikelets, brilliant, you always have the ingredients & they are such a crowd pleaser. My children make their own, from mix master to electric fry pan to cooler to recess. Yumbo. Always up for some pumpkin & rosemary too, homegrown, love Posie

  8. My go-to's are usually a soup or salad that is quick to fix. Pikelets are pancakes to us, usually for breakfast, although sometimes it is nice to have breakfast for dinner. I've not attempted risotto before but pumpkin and thyme sounds like a great combination. Have a great week. Tammy

  9. Pikelets I always loved my Mums pikelets haven’t made them in a very long time, yet their one of my favourites, how could I forget about them! Seems these days I always go for pancakes as the little ones love them. Yet I always have left over whipped cream from other dishes I’ve made in my fridge and jam is always in my cupboard guess who’s making pikelets tomorrow thanks my friend! My go to dish is fried bacon onion peeled tomatoes a few herbs tossed over some pasta not all that exciting but fast and yummy.

    Always Wendy

  10. the risotto sounds so good. go to recipe...would be pancakes for us too! enjoy your day catherine. xo.

  11. i so need to get organised i have just no mojo for anything at the moment...piklets are just perfect aren't they?

  12. yes, turkey loaf served with green beans. so quick and easy and healthy. i make it every week. x.

  13. We havn't made pikelets for aaaages. Thanks for the reminder. Looks like a great simple recipe too - thanks!

  14. your pikelets look amazing Catherine, I'm going to try your recipe, mine rarely look like this.

  15. Yes, another menu-plannerer (ha, not a word but you know what I mean). My go-to recipe is actually two, my Spaghetti Puttanesca and Garlic Bean Pasta because I always have the ingredients for both in the cupboard or fridge. Your pikelet look fab and I am going to give them a go. xxx


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