Friday, November 30

It's Friday!

Today marks the last day of Spring and the end of another school year for my two girls, Miss 8 has finished year 3 and Miss 13 year 8. It's been a good year on many levels for the both of them. The year has brought with it many wonderful highlights, the concerts and performances,  meeting new people and developing relationships, experiencing new things and many new opportunities. On the flip side it has also been a big learning curve for the little one as it's been her first year at this new school. It has been a little bit of a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs as she figures out new rules, greater expectations and works out the complex issues of friendship but we've managed to make it to the end which is a huge a relief.  Whether is was a successful year depends on how you look at things, it's not exactly what I had hoped for when we decided to change schools but  I hope with experience behind us and another year of maturing next year will bring with it less of those ups and downs.

I felt like today a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, I managed to get through the week and got all of those presents finished for the teachers, food organised for the break up and little treats completed to hand out to her friends thanks Emma for the great idea.  When you are in the moment you don't think you'll get everything done but I just focused on one thing at a time and with a little bit of help too got it all done.  I feel like today my mind is a little clearer so I can need switch my focus to Christmas, there's much to do but I'm feeling positive and looking forward to the buzz and excitement.
Tomorrow marks the first day of Summer and the day we put up the Christmas tree, the advent calendar and decorate the house.  We'll put our favourite Christmas CD on in the background, take photos (it's important to remember who puts the star on the Christmas tree each year in our house) and hang up our ornaments that we have collected over the years, it's such a fun time.

Have you got any Christmassy plans for the weekend?  Will you be putting up your tree?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend what ever you may do♥


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect! Yes, the tree is going up here too. Can hardly wait. I wonder who is the bigger kid in this family ;)
    Well done to you and your lovely girls for completely another school year. That last term can be quite the long haul. All the very best for your wee one in the new year too. Have a gorgeous weekend lovely x

  2. Don't you just love when the year ends on such a positive note Catherine?
    We plan on putting up our tree tomorrow too but having accidentally tossed out all our decorations some time during a clean up, it will be rather bare until we make new ones.
    Enjoy your festitives this weekend Catherine.

  3. I've been telling myself one thing at a time too :) Christmas tree will go up for us tomorrow too! Can't wait to see the excitement on my little miss three's face xx

  4. wow its so funny you have summer there, im in london and we are in the middle of winter.
    have a fab weekend and great pics and post xx

  5. wow your weather is 30 something degrees???!! i cant even imagine that.
    thanks for your comment on my blog. :)xxxx

  6. hiya, yes we are in the midst of winter also, heating on full blast, snow forcasted for tomorrow,
    lucky you, no we aren't putting our tree up, bah humbug, maybe two weeks into december , love your bath puffs they are great to make

  7. Those gifts look absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season xx

  8. We put up some decorations late last night and the 'Christmas fairies' came and put up the tree and lights so we could decorate with miss 2 this morning. Magical! enjoy your weekend, it's the most magical time of the year! x ashley

  9. Loved reading about your week Catherine...can understand your relief at getting to the end of it though...those gifts are just lovely!
    We will be putting up our Christmas lights (and hoping for the storms to stay away)and decorating the house as well. Hope to get in some Christmas cooking and gardening with the girls too...the heat is putting us a little off track though!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family xx

  10. I definitely find a need to focus on one thing at a time when stressed! So glad you got things done though! Must be a huge relief.

  11. Wow your guys finish must feel super good to have it all out of the way though. Love that idea with the reindeer food...wonder if i can convince my 7 year old about that idea for friends. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  12. Love your documenting about the weight being lifted off your shoulders when it comes to end of school things. I'm feeling the same, but my weight will be lifted in 2 weeks time. We did the reindeer food gift last year - it really is an awesome idea and so fun to sprinkle!

    Love that you have a special tradition as to who puts the star on the tree.

  13. Ahhh my feet are now! The tree is up and the Christmas season has arrived! Red and white theme, went to put some christmas music on only to discover our technology switch has duped up - no christmas playlist! So make a christmas playlist is now on the Christmas to do list...LOVE your body scrubbers, I really enjoy making them but never thought to use them as a body scrubber!

  14. How lovely to have the term and school year finished. Oh those little packs of goodness! I think i shall be using this idea in the future .....thank you for more inspiration! Such gorgeous and thoughtful gifts you have made. Hope you had a lovely weekend......we enjoyed sand and sun and some birthday cake
    Natalie xx

  15. Gee, your school must finish earlier than the ones here in WA who still have a few weeks to go. Christmas is in full swing here too - I put the finishing touches on my Advent calendar and we've already had fun doing some activities each day. I love the class gifts you put together for Miss 8. It sounds like it's been a full on year for you all. Enjoy the break over the holidays with your beautiful girls x

  16. Goodness, it sounds like you've been so productive, Catherine. Well done!!!
    I think I'm still in slight denial about all that needs to be done before Christmas...
    Ronnie xo

  17. those beautifully packaged gifts of reindeer food! I had seen them floating around on pinterest, and am glad you have jogged my memory - kindy gifts sorted! your girls finish school very early, which must be sooo nice. we are struggling through to get to ruby's last day of kindy next thursday which will be a week earlier than proper end of term so we can head away before the hoards - I CANNOT WAIT!! x


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