Sunday, October 2


The little one and I decided to do a bit of planting.  I think if you get children involved from the start they feel a great sense of pride watching things grow.  So I grabbed an egg carton and each of us had half to plant seeds.  She chose the flowers while I planted the vegetables.
I picked up this beautiful cup and saucer the other day and when I got it home noticed a chip in it, it's too beautiful not to use I thought I would put a plant in it and admire it each day on my window sill.
It's been lovely sunny weather here but boy has it been windy and chilly!  I hope you've been enjoying your weekend


  1. I love doing things like this with Sam. the egg box is a great idea!

  2. I dropped one of my favourite mugs this week. Only the handle broke though. Now I know what I will do with the handless mug! Think we will do that chocolate cake too - still a week of school holidays here.

  3. Yes, I find it hard to throw out china too...even if it is chipped there is always a use for it.

  4. Egg cartons are great for this but the inlaws always want them back for their eggs! I'm saving loo rolls now.
    Your little succulent is very sweet

  5. The egg carton planting idea is great. Can you cut them up and plant each seedling still in the egg carton cup?

    I've started growing seeds in strawberry punnets. You close the lid and it acts like a mini greenhouse. (Got that idea from Better Homes and Gardens).

  6. What a great idea using the egg cartons to plants seeds! Glad you found another use for your chipped cup, it's a very pretty teacup x

  7. I just love that pretty tea cup, such a great way to enjoy it with a succulent inside!And such a great way to spend some time with your girls.I did lots of seed planting this weekend too...I get as excited as the children!:)


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