Sunday, October 2


It was a late night for even me last night, 1am I got into bed.
I was in the groove and got a burst of motivation and ended up doing lots of pinning and cutting for both baby presents and the start of my handmade Christmas presents.
A little more fabric was needed for another library bag so I made a quick trip to Spotlight.
A surprise visit from my parents and my Nan meant there wasn't much creating happening today, there's always tomorrow I'll be on my own with the girls heading back to school sadly and back into the routine.


  1. What, your holidays are over already? Ours are just beginning.

    I am due to make a few handmade baby gifts too :)


  2. Wow, Catherine! You are always so creative, productive and inspiring (Xmas gifts already, that's fabulous)!! I am off to catch up...! Thanks for your lovely comment. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ~ Txx

  3. That woodland material is so sweet - love the toadstools.
    I'm missing the holidays but I am going to love daylight savings

  4. I'm a nightowl too, best time to get stuff done in a quiet house with everyone else asleep. You have been extra creative lately too, well done. melx

  5. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. It's 5:35 pm and already getting dark here which makes the evenings so long. By 7 pm I'm thinking everyone should be in bed so I can get some quiet time. Ha! It's hard finding a balance right now with work and school and home. Seems my only creating is on the weekends. The cake recipe is written down but birthday boy picked out a boxed mix at the grocery story today. :/ I much prefer homemade, but since it is his birthday, we'll just go with that for now. I'll definitely be making your recipe another time. Son #2 has his birthday on the 26th of this month. :) Happy day to you. Tammy

  6. loving those fabrics
    so good to make a start on gifts, feels good xx

  7. Well done on your efforts. I am so overdue to get started! I was wondering what kind of name "koobs" was, hahahha. I've always been the last one to get all the jokes.

  8. I know what you mean about getting on a crafting roll and then looking at your watch and realising how much time has past!! Hope you enjoyed the visit from your family x


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