Friday, November 18


It's been a while since I've joined in with Maxabella.  I love how she gets us to focus on the happy moments  in our daily lives.  So this week I am grateful for

♥ My hubby coming with me to try yoga.  It was nice that he tried something new and that we got some time together as a couple.
♥ For my mother in law for coming over to look after the girls for us, she loves seeing the girls and is always so support of us having time together.
♥ And for the relationship my girls have with each other.  Yes they do argue with each other but they would do anything for each other and it makes me so proud.

Enjoy your Saturday


  1. How nice for you Catherine. My husband used to do Body Balance (combo of taichi, pilates and yoga) with me at the gym, very unco(!) he was, but i too was so touched he made the effort. It's great that your girls get on well, we have a mixed pair who believe in sibling rivalry!!! have a lovely weekend. Jane x

  2. Lovely gratefuls Catherine.
    I love how mine get along too.
    We only exercise apart though.

  3. That was nice of hubby to join you. I hope my girls grow up to be close like your two. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. That sounds perfect. I know if there was a yoga class here Scott would come too. Yay for grandmas :)

  5. All of these things are wonderful gifts! I hope you have a wonderful weekend of gratefuls x

  6. It's the most amazing feeling when you watch your kids being so fond of each other!

  7. My you have been so busy so much making, creating goodness happening here!!!

  8. So nice of your husband to join you in yoga. Will he go again? Sohail now also does yoga, as well as Annie. So now, Xavier is the only one in the house who doesn't do yoga, only because he is too young :). It looks like you had a lovely day. xxx.


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