Tuesday, January 31

A baking day

It wasn't my plan for the day but I ended up being busy in the kitchen.
Making some of these yummy muffins, recipe care of Meagan.
Cooking up some delicious damper, thanks to Greer.
And to go along with the damper some roast vegetable soup. I didn't put in the curry powder this time, still tastes delicious though.  Give it a try it's a yummy recipe, created by Mel.
Thank you for sharing your recipes, I love the blogging world.
Have you found any yummy recipes lately?


  1. Oh that Damper looks yummy. We actually had damper for lunch last Friday. We had gone to WW to do the shopping and DH saw damper. He wanted to buy it - and I said why don't you just make it when we get home. It was sooo good warm from the oven:)

  2. looks delicious!! i love those days that you manage to get lots of cooking and baking done... it always makes me feel so accomplished! haha!

    Kel x

  3. mmmmmm....yum!
    all looks scrumptious :)

  4. Mmmm a perfect combination, it all looks delish!

  5. it is wet & cold here today and that damper looks mighty good. i don't normally talk about the is what it is...but haven't we had the strangest summer. it was so ridiculously hot here the other day. even with air con the house was uncomfortable to sleep, and today it is wet with no end in sight and cold enough for a jacket. who knows! xo

  6. Mmm it all looks delicious, you have been busy...Enjoy!


  7. All your food looks delicious, I will have to try some of those recipes! Yummmm!

  8. A very inviting choice of recipes, I will try the muffins and the roasted vegetables soup (it is going to be VERY cold today).


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