Monday, January 9

I thought I'd take the weekends off from blogging and the computer.  I did check my emails from my phone a few times but I didn't turn on the computer at all and it felt good.  I think from now on I'm going to have the weekends free, it took the pressure I put on myself about blogging and remember why I like it in the first place.  I find blogging so much fun but lately I've been caught up in my numbers, them going up and then down.  In the end it doesn't matter if people stop following, I know.  What matters is that I enjoy coming by my space, that I share with you what's been happening and hopefully with a little time off I'll have something crafty to show you too. With my camera in hand I snapped away, here's some snippets of our weekend.

Some renewed fun playing with her Polly Pockets
Making some toasted muesli
Watching my big girl do the most amazing drawings
Finishing off my secret crochet project, a grocery bag
Sitting outside in the cool doing some mini granny squares
Playing ball with Molly
Pikelets to feed my hungry family for afternoon tea
Trying the gingerbread playdough out for a bit of fun
Enjoying a bit of reading
And making those tiny granny squares into a bookmark

Pop by tomorrow I have a little giveaway for you.


  1. Oooooo. Ginger bread playdoh. Fabulous. Glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Sometimes it is such a good idea to step back from the things we love and rediscovered what we love about them in the first place.

  2. Ah, I know that feeling of pressure to blog Catherine and have reassessed myself this year as to how much time I am willing to commit. It's nice to get back to doing it for pure enjoyment :)

    Love your crochet bag, it's the exact same one I made...great minds think alike :)


  3. hi catherine and happy new year! i have thought at lengths about blogging and have simplified it for myself this year in a way that will be more manageable. enjoy your blog free weekends. it really does make a difference to your head space. forget the numbers. mine go up and down all the time. i have learnt not to worry about it. i am happy to hear from the lovely bunch of people who always pop by. if anyone else decides to, well then i reciprocate the same as always. i hope the new year is treating you well. xo.

  4. I love your little granny square book mark...Clever Idea!
    I have to admit I have been enjoying a good break away from the computer as well but I always enjoy sneaking a few minutes here and there to catch up with everyone... :) All the best for 2012!

  5. ...pikelets!! Looks like good times have been happening at yours.

    I made a resolution not to look at my numbers at all... I lasted a day. ;)

  6. Well done with the crochet bag, looks great. Can't believe you were hooking in this heat! melx

  7. I blog more on the weekends as that's when I seem to have the time. I don't check numbers much at all... Oh, maybe comments! I'm just in it fr the convo. x

  8. That gingerbread playdough sounds fantastic - but one of my girls eats the gross playdough so I can't imagine she'd keep sweet-smelling stuff out of her mouth!

  9. I love that crochet bookmark! Kellie xx

  10. I hear you about the weekend thing. I stopped blogging (not really intentionally) on the weekends and I really try and stay away from being online when all the family are home. It does take some effort though doesn't it? But makes the weekend feel more wholesome in way. By the looks of your pics you certainly put your extra time to good use :)

  11. I too try not to blog on the weekends, and I've noticed it's a bit quieter in blogland on Saturdays and Sundays anyway. I think it's important to use those days to do things you enjoy. Your weekend looks like a lovely one. What a talented artist your big girl is!! That crochet bag is fantastic!! You should sell them, I'll be your first customer for sure!! :)

  12. I have visited your blog often but today I wanted to leave a comment. I love the mix of craft and baking on your blog, and your beautiful photography! I totally understand the mixed feelings that go along with blogging!!

  13. I too understand your feelings, I try to post twice a week, but sometimes I am late, I start worrying and then need to feel guilty also for this.
    And I check the numbers, I confess, I can not stay far from statistics, oh vanity!


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