Thursday, January 5

Holiday Fun

I really love spending the holidays relaxing, it's also good to do things too because if you're not careful the days disappear without having done much at all.  I don't mind lots of relaxing but it's nice to go and have the type of fun you wouldn't normally do except when you are on holidays. So the girls and I sat down one day and talked about the things that we wanted to do over the holidays. On the list of things to do was go to the beach

and have a bbq in the park.

We are exhausted tonight but we're have a good time together doing a couple of things on the list.  Do you have a list of fun things you like to do on the holiday?


  1. Ooh I love your new header Catherine :)
    We often compile a list of things to do during the holidays but balance all the activity out by spending just as many days at home relaxing..that balance is so important I feel, otherwise we just run ourselves ragged.
    Though a day isn't complete for us without a quick visit to the shore :)

  2. You just can't beat the fun of the beach, nor its power to bring the joy of life right into you heart. I breathe in the purity of the air and the rushing waves wash every negative thought right out of my brain. The most relaxing thing in the world.

    Love your new header! x

  3. Beautiful pictures - I love the beach - looks like a wonderful day out!

  4. A day on the beach with the children! It is something that I do not do any more, my kids are too old for that. I remember the countless sand pies that I ate, and sand ice creams too, the walks on the beach collecting shells, the picnics, the sun and the heat, but mostly a general feeling of contentment. Nice memories.

  5. wind in the willows at the botanical gardens, some berry picking, baseball in the park, and the exploring the beaches. our summer list is actually endless. x

  6. I too am finding that the holidays are disappearing too quickly! A list is a great idea. Brian's wish is to go to a park with swings and a BIG slide - very easily pleased!


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