Wednesday, January 11

Do not dwell in the past
Do not dream of the future
Concentrate the mind on the present moment.

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  1. I love this Catherine, it's kind of how I want to live this the here and now :)

  2. Oh Catherine, I LOVE this picture! I'm always laying on the lawn looking up at the sun rays sparkle through the leaves and getting lost in a dream. There's such a calming magic about it :)

  3. Love this quote, now going to repeat it to myself all day :)

  4. couldn't be better said. and the photo says it all. have you read buddhism for mothers? i bought the book when levi was around 2. inspirational and thought provoking. it really makes you think about your approach to not only parenting but the everyday. quotes just like this. xo.

  5. Love your little make over Catherine. This quote is one I try to keep in my mind as much as possible and it goes so well with that picture!
    I finally had a little catch up with your holiday etc, lovely! Must go and enter your giveaway now :)! xx

  6. So true and sometimes so difficult...

  7. Thanks for sharing this quote its a great reminder to enjoy the moment, something we may forget to do in our busy lives.


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