Wednesday, February 22


I finally finished a book!  Yes I know not exciting for many but for some reason these days I'm not much of a reader.  I often pick up the quick and easy reads like magazines, I really enjoy the odd fairy book or two;) and usually informative books like ones on gardening, business or self help.  Although I didn't finish it in record time, I really enjoyed reading each chapter gradually and taking the time to develop meaning and understanding from it.  It's a really beautiful book to read, to keep you focussed on what really is important and to put you in a calm mind state.  Buddhism for Mothers I think is suitable for all to read, not just mothers and it's one that I will be keeping in my beside table to pick up and just remind myself to keep calm.
Now that I've finished I can move onto something else now, a novel this time, nothing too serious but certainly on a topic I enjoy.  
And this book I picked up the other weekend while I was out on that date with my hubby.  A great guide to help me towards achieving one of those goals on my list this year.
Are you a big reader?  Are you reading anything exciting at the moment?


  1. Oh they look good! I have to admit, when it comes to books I LOVE to read, but they are always airy fairy light & fluffy soapie type books to take to bed..
    love the look of that ginger loaf below!

  2. These look great! I love to read but these days tend to pick up something informative or with pictures of lovely things to make - mostly I don't get round to making them but that's my goal for this year.

  3. I love to read at the moment I am reading "The path to tranquilty" Dalai Lama.

  4. I have 'Buddism for Mothers' on my bedside too:)

  5. I was thinking I'd like to read that book myself actually, my friend recently finished it and loved it too. I haven't got a lot of time for reading these days - most of mine are informative books at the moment. I haven't got stuck into a novel since I was pregnant but would like toget back into reading again soon as I do enjoy it x

  6. Hello Catherine,

    Buddhism for Mothers is a lovely book, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm a huge reader, I'm reading Real Food by Nina Planck at the moment for the second time along with Nourish by Jane Clarke and I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment in The Hunger Games trilogy to come in for me at the library.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Such a lovely book. It lives beside my bed & I read from it whenever I need.
    Otherwise I read books related to whole food eating and self sufficiency. For some reason I just can't get past the first few pages of any novel.
    I'm eager to try your Gingerbread loaf. I make a similar Gingerbread cake that's been in my family for years.
    It looks like wonderful things are happening in your world.


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