Tuesday, March 27

Grateful for my blogging friends

I have to say that I feel very lucky to be blessed to have some kind souls who come by my space and share comments, advice, support and friendship.

Recently and not too recently two lovely ladies Andrea and Veronica have kindly thought of me and shared some awards for me to pass on.  Andrea from Little Buckles passed on the Liebster Award to me a little while ago I am embarrassed to say, I am sorry for not passing it on sooner Andrea.  Andrea's blog is delightful, happy and a place I love to visit and see what she and her two little ones, Sam and Bella have been up too.  The award asked me to pass it to five of my favourite blogs, stop by and visit them you'll love peaking into their worlds.

* Jode from Mummy Musings and Mayhem
* Sandrine from Historie de soie....
* Tammi from Littlepoppa
* Amanda from Homely One
* Sally from virtu
And today Veronica at Giggles and Chatter passed on the sunshine award to me, thank you.  Veronica's blog  is full of lovely snippets of her life living by the sea, her delicious cooking and crafting. Now for the questions.

* colour - blue
* animal - our cute doggy Molly
* non-alcoholic drink - tea, lemon lime and bitters, hot chocolate
* facebook or twitter - none
* getting or giving presents - love to give, wrap and choose
* flower - rose, peony and daisies
* pattern - little spots
* passion - my family, living simply and craft
* number - 2

I'd like to pass the award onto
* Gina from The Baynhams
* Andrea from Harvest with Glee
* Lynda from A life of charming moments by Miss Prudence Knits
* Bron from Maxabella Loves
* Jill from deux chiens et un garcon
Please don't feel obliged to play along if you don't want to, no pressure.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to the kindness of some lovely ladies Tammi at Littlepoppa,
Gina from The Baynhams and
Jane from Life on Planet Baby.
These ladies have been so supportive not only since the news of my father but always, visiting and brightening my day with their thoughtful words on my blog. Thank you for the gifts you've sent and for the support, I am blessed.


  1. thank you lovely - what a good idea! I am so glad we are bloggy friends and to have you in my life xxx

  2. very thoughtful & lovely post catherine. i like how you mention living simply as a passion. thanks for playing along. it sure is nice knowing you. xo.

  3. Shucks, thank you sweetness. I have seen the Sunshine Award on lots of lovely blogs, but never one for me before. Today I really needed a little lift, and here you are.

    'Living simply' is just such a fabulous passion to have. x

  4. You are such a sweetie Catherine, it's a pleasure 'knowing' you :)
    Thank you for the award, I am honoured.


  5. Thanks so much for passing on a lovely award Catherine....I'm glad to see you received 2 as i just love to visit and wander through your blog!
    I'm also so glad to see the support and warmth you have surrounding you at this time and what beautiful gifts!
    I loved learning more about you through the questions too! A beautiful post from a beautiful soul...thank you x

  6. Wow, you're a popular lady :) you have a lovely blog and are an even lovelier person. Well deserved! xxx

  7. Oh Sweetie! I'm so thrilled my little card lifted your spirits a little. And I'm pleased so many kind bloggers are rallying around you when you need it. Sweet dreams, Lovely. J x

  8. Hi Catherine,thank you for thinking of me and passing on the Sunshine award,i do enjoy the time spent with blogging friends, a caring, warm and inspiring group.
    I hope to pop by some of the blogs you have mentioned and say hello when time permits(oh so busy with this reno).x

  9. Congratulations on your awards. They are so well deserved. As you know your blog is one of my favourites and I hate to miss a post. It's funny, your answers above would almost all be the same for me except for my favourite number and animal :)

  10. ...and thank you so much for passing your award on to me... you are so sweet (sorry, was so buys admiring your lovely gifts above I forget to add that bit on). You've made my day :)

  11. Congratulations Catherine for your well deserved award, it is always lovely to read some snippets about yourself. Thanks for passing one to me I am very honoured! xx


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