Wednesday, March 7

I haven't shared with you some of the treasures I've bought recently. This year my daughter is turning 13 and after a chat we thought a high tea would be a nice way for her to celebrate.  So I've been slowly buying tea cups sets for her special day.  I have collected 2 for her and I have one of my own, I will still look for 3 more so it will be a small get together but I like them the best.  I will go looking for some pink for Miss 8 so when the girls are older each of them will have a set each in their favourite colours.
I spotted these old knives in an antique shop locally, just a little one that is reasonably priced and thought that they would go well with the old feel of her party.
This set of spoons I happened upon in op shop for a total of $10 I couldn't believe my luck.  I was thinking of making some of the spoons into these to give as a gift, is that bad since they are so old and lovely?  I often wonder how much you should keep an item original and how much is ok to change, what do you think?

I hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday


  1. Lovely tea cups. I have a bit of an op shop haul myself this week, including a tea cup trio. I always think if you are not going to use something as is, then go for the up-cycle. If your going to enjoy them as herb markers, it can't be bad, right?

  2. The tea cup sets are so pretty. Good luck with your hunt for pink ones. It's all in the hunt I say! My parents love those kind of butter knives - they have their own op shopped stash. I often buy gorgeous old treasures thinking I'll use them for craft but then I end up loving them so much that I can't bear to hurt them.

  3. good finds Catherine. I love the old spoons just the way they are, but let's not forget, you are a creative genius. how on earth do you flatten them anyway?!?! Jane x

  4. Beautiful finds. I think it's a great idea recycling old treasures. You're making them extra special x

  5. Oh the teacups are a beautiful idea

  6. I like your findings thay have a feeling of family and old. I found some lovely spoons as you did, I am using them every day, I am in favour of bringing old stuff into life again by using them for the purpose they were made.


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