Monday, April 23

The Weekend

Our weekend was pretty quiet.  A request to try a new fruit, it's fun to try new things even if they aren't quite what you expect.

Helping Dad put together some shelves for Grandma.  Miss 8 loves to make things with her Dad, I love how much she loves doing this.

A visit to somewhere new to see family.  A new adventure for them wishing the same dream for us could happen now but know that we are where we need to be, though I am struggling with this at the moment.

I truly am grateful for where things are for my family right now, I can't complain. I do know a new outlook is needed though,  a change of thought is all I need.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

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  1. Sounds like there were some special moments over the weekend.

  2. I love pomegranates...well they bring back many childhood memories of being at my grandparents...we called them "suck n spits" for obvious reasons. I must admit my kids didn't get them when I introduced them to the fruit. x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful relaxed weekend. And very nice photos xxx

  4. Lovely post Catherine...i love to see children building things with their older loved ones...such a special gift to pass on i think!
    Sometimes the hardest thing is to change our thinking and perceptions...i hear you...sending warm wishes your way xxx

  5. Lovely photos. I bought a pomegranate once and had no idea what to do with it :) It just looked so pretty :) I think you're right about attitude, I think it's really important to always focus on the 'good' in our lives, even if we have dreams and plans we wish could happen sooner rather than later x


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