Friday, May 18

Crochet Slippers

On one of our weekend drives we went to a country market and hubby picked himself up a pair of knitted slippers that he just loves on those cold nights.  I on the other hand didn't buy any for myself and now with colder weather upon us I've been thinking I need something to keep my toes nice and warm.  I have a pair of slippers but I find them too bulky to walk around in and when I hop into bed I don't want my toes getting cold.  So I've been doing some browsing on the internet for crochet slipper patterns.  There's lots of lovely ones out there and a few free ones too.
You can find the tutorial here.

I thought these Mary Jane slippers were sweet.
Etsy has a few that I really liked so after lots of looking I decided on these patterns.  
And a pattern for the little people of the house too.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on my crochet slippers progress, I hope... You know I'm known to have a few unfinished projects around here, namely one blanket and a cut out bag that have been staring at me for too long.....

Are you a slipper or a sock person?

I hope that your weekend is a lovely one


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    Slippers most definitely though with the drop in mercury lately I've resorted to wearing both. I've knitted slippers for the kids and I over the past few weeks similar to those my nana used to make when I was a child...they are super easy but oh so cosy.

    I purchased a few crochet slipper patterns for myself last year that are still sitting there patiently waiting. I look forward to seeing what you make Catherine...loving the look of those in the third pic :)


  2. MMMMM very cosy...have a great weekend. xx

  3. I love slippers during winter, I hate having cold feet! Nx

  4. I am a sock girl, especially if they are hand knitted like the ones I am wearing now. But the crochet slippers are so feminine, so elegant, so cute...I am tempted!

  5. Oh thank you for the inspiration, the crochet slippers are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you make for yourself.

  6. Lovely slippers you found. My husbands granny used to knit them for everyone, but she's gone now and nobody who knits or crochets is left! Gosh just writing that makes me feel bad that I can't! I will learn sooner or later - such a shame for a skill to be completely lost through the generations!
    Good luck getting yours done to keep your toes warm this winter!

  7. Ooh all look so comfy and sweet! I'm a sock girl right now. I steal my hubby's. I haven't yet hooked or knitted any socks or slippers but hope to. Probably not this season though. I must say that the maryjane green ones look so sweet. Thanks for the links. can't wait to see more. xx Fi

  8. I'm like wearing slippers around the house too although right this minute, I have my ugg boots on because it's quite chilly. At night, I usually have cosy socks on but I have some crocheted slippers in my favourites on Etsy that I'd like to treat myself to one day. When I was little my aunty crocheted me some of those slippers you're going to make and I loved them, they were perfect for around the house. I look forward to seeing what you make. My favourites above are the ones in the third picture x

  9. Both. I can often be found wearing my socks in my slippers.
    Hooking some slippers is on the list of things to do... but with the crazy antics of this place probably destined for next winter.


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