Monday, August 20

This weekend

 the big girl camped in her room for the 40 hour famine, giving up furniture and technology in her quest to raise money.
Starting off the day with warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice.
The sewing machine getting a workout after a long time of being neglected. A table runner was sewn up for the up coming tea party.
Some more party preparations, tissue paper flowers.
Cutting, sewing and lots more cutting and sewing for the little ones dress up costume for the book parade.
Miss 12's lunch, a homemade pizza using puff pastry, the egg not a hit this time but I'm sure a new version will be created next time.
Ready for the new week to begin, sort of.....
Did you have a good weekend?


  1. Gosh alot of busy beavering over your way!Thanks for the pom pom link, it's liongirl's birthday in a few months and I was planning a big pile of pink. We had book week today and my boy chose to go in sports uniform instead- he refuses to do dress ups- did save me some work though. melx

  2. Am super impressed an almost teenager gave up technology for 40 hours!!! Well done to her! xx

  3. Giving up technology and comfort is a biggie for a teenager. Well done x And well that egg/bacon brekkie looks divine even if it wasn't up your standard :)
    Can't wait to hear about 'the party' :)
    Our last few weeks here has been full of sore throats, night terrors, strong willed children and tired parents!! Lol....yours looks so much nicer!

  4. well done to your big girl on the 40 hour famine....we have our girl tackling the no food version in a delayed 40 hour famine weekend in a couple of weekends time....not sure she know what she is in for. xx

  5. She did well to give up all that, wow I am impressed. I remember doing the 40 hr famine back in high school having only barley sugars. I love the table runner and tissue flowers.

  6. Ahh my Miss Teen did the same thing last year for the 40 hr famine...harder than they think so well done to your little lady!!!
    I am absolutely loving the colours in your table runner Catherine!
    This was our first weekend in a few weeks that everyone was healthy and enjoying some Winter sun outdoors...such a relief!
    Have a lovely week x

  7. oh gosh i wish i had started the cutting and sewing for book parade over the weekend. i'm still avoiding it ;)sarah

  8. Oh the tea party! Have you picked any games yet?

    My husband and I recently 'camped out' indoors when we traveled home only to realize that the bed we were planning to sleep on was now gone... lol! It was a good time.

  9. this reminds me that i really need to do some sewing today!

  10. I've stumbled across your lovely little blog and wanted to say I love the table runner you've made. My son had a purple party for his third birthday last year - it would have fit in perfectly!

  11. Congrats to your big girl, good things to give up for such a great charity. She deserved such a yummy lunch after 40hours:)


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