Monday, September 17

I've noticed lately a slowing down around me sometimes it worries me a little but I know that really none of us can sustain being busy all the time it's just not healthy.  So when the worry (or you could say the over thinking) creeps in I look to the photos over the weekend and smile at the moments that I need to focus my energy on, the special moments that have happened in my life.
Like getting to meet my new niece and see those sweet little new born hands and feet.
Seeing my other sweet niece taking off her shoes, toddlers are so very cute.
Getting the chance to go on a date with my hubby and enjoy the smell of the bay air.
Bees busily collecting nectar.
Watching my youngest enjoying strumming the guitar that belonged to her Dad.
And although no photos to share the zest that Spring has brought and the wonderful feeling that tidying and rearranging our home has made me feel this weekend.

What made you smile this weekend?


  1. Sometimes smelling the roses is important too. Love the message on your daughter's shirt.

  2. tiny toes are just the best, you could gobble them up

  3. Oh my goodness, those little feet! I love that your youngest is having a go at guitar, I'm hoping one of mine will take it up, we only have a drummer at the moment, which is great but not quite the same..x

  4. Both your nieces are gorgeous, even if I can only see the newborn's feet! Sounds like a delightful weekend.

  5. Such tiny wrinkled little baby feet..amazing photo. I think we are mostly the same..having family around and enjoying them in a fairly relaxed manner made me smile on the weekend. Congratulations on your anniversary too.

  6. Oh bless those precious wee toes!
    A date night is long overdue in these parts..might book something in for this weekend :)

  7. Hi Catherine, Oh those little toes...
    wonderful times with a new baby joining the family, bet you had a big cuddle. (secretly hoping one of our children wants to start a family sort of soon)
    Love the photo too of your young niece, its hard work putting on your shoes!!
    Spring has put lots of zest into my weekend, Lemon zest that is I have been busy making marmalade & lemon butter. Big Smile when the scrap man came and took away 10 years of steel and junk !!! Yeppee !!

  8. Such a beautiful reflective post Catherine...i loved the pic of your niece with her reminded me of the time i am at with the twins at the moment!
    Some precious thoughts and pics there xx
    I enjoyed watching my grown up teen play like a kid again with her 2 yr old sisters this weekend...bliss for a Mum x

  9. The weekend is over, but your post made me smile. :) I think this is a wonderful way to start a new week.

  10. I LOVE BABY FEET! :) Today has been one of those busy days. Always so much to do. Over the weekend buying plants made me smile, but a couple of them have already dried up -- still so hot here. have a great week. Tammy

  11. your photos have made me smile, thankyou

  12. Oh baby feet...and baby smell! My little man and the sheer amount of food he can consume all with a smile on his face is making me smile at the moment. Yes a date night is a must! Wishing you a beautiful week full of smiles :) x

  13. Beautiful weekend photos, full of lovely things to make us all smile!


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