Tuesday, September 11

Maple Syrup Roasted Almonds

A couple of weeks ago I was out doing some shopping for the birthday girl when I realised it was lunch time, not wanting to stay shopping too much longer I went into the health food shop to buy myself a little snack to keep me going till lunch.  When I was in there I discovered this delicious and very moreish snack of maple roasted almonds by the Unexpected Guest. I hadn't intended on eating them all but they tasted rather good so they disappeared without me even sharing them.  I haven't seen them in any of my local stores so I did a bit of a search to see if I could make some myself.  So yesterday I made some, not quite the same but still very moreish if I do say so myself.  Here is my version of maple syrup roasted almonds.
1 cup of almonds
1½ tablespoons of maple syrup
½ - 1 tablespoon of oil (I used coconut oil)

●Preheat oven to 150℃.
●Place ingredients into a bowl to mix and then spread onto a lined baking tray.
●Bake in the oven for approximately 25 minutes depending on your oven, stirring several times.
●Let them cool for 10 minutes before putting onto a plate with some paper towels as they were a little oily.  
●Put nuts into a sealable container and enjoy.  Great for a snack or even Christmas gift for nut lovers.


  1. y.u.m
    I am thinking a little salt maybe awesome as well

  2. They sound divine!!! So easy to make as well, love Ally's idea of adding a touch of salt to them too. x

  3. Roasted chickpeas are all the rave here at the moment but I am seriously going to try these.

  4. Yummy these look good, I love almonds. Between my current obsession for caramel salted popcorn and these, I could be gaining some serious kilos.

  5. These could be the downfall of me...never good with will power. xxx

  6. These. Look. Divine. 'Nuff said. Yum! :)

  7. Almonds are huge favorite in my house - this may sound strange but we sometimes dip them in a bit of Vegemite ... My husband started this and my kids love them. Will have to give this a go, another alternative to our Vegemite treat:)

  8. Yum! Love maple syrup, love almonds! Am going to give this a go tomorrow. Thanks Catherine! x

  9. I eat almonds or walnuts every day. These sound yummy. :)

  10. Oh goodness. These look fantastic and actually look doable. Great for Christmas gifts. I must try these! You are always coming up with winners!


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