Monday, October 1

Around Here

Flowers a treat I like to share and I enjoy every so often, they always make me smile
An accidental rainbow, a CD left behind in the sun
Time for a little adventure, another Sunday drive come with me.....
Firstly for a wander around the markets, a nice bunch of rhubarb came home with me, dessert maybe?
Back in the car and off to a rainforest walk being with nature up high in the trees.
Time for lunch a short drive just down the road to some waterfalls, touching cool water, climbing on rocks, listening to the sounds of nature.
With just a bit of energy left we headed down the highway to the beach. We couldn't let the chance pass by, I watched on the beach while they went for a little swim.
We were tired but happy about our day out.
These are the moments I want my girls to remember, our Sunday drives, our sandwiches in the park, exploring our land and appreciating simplicity with fondness.


  1. A lovely Sunday outing, I'm sure your girls will always remember those days. Looks wonderful..x

  2. this looks like a day filled with true beauty! your girls really are blessed. enjoy the rest of your weekend :)sarah

  3. Oh I do love that accidental rainbow. Lovely.

  4. The majesty of those tall palms will not be soon forgotten!

  5. Beautiful photos and post. I love the first photo of the flowers.

  6. Rainforests and beaches all in one day...oh how lucky are you. xxx

  7. Your Sunday looks amazingly good, great times.

  8. Beautiful happy memories your girls will always hold close to them:)

  9. How lovely Catherine...thanks for sharing those special moments with us! I often feel a little down that we aren't getting out much on weekends at the moment but i do love living through others experiences!

  10. Gorgeous photos. I love treetop walks - where about is that one?

  11. Your day sounds so good Catherine. I think when the beach is a part of any day it makes it more special. There's something so replenishing about being near water... xx

    PS. Beautiful photos

  12. Stunning photos Catherine!! Sunday drives are such a lovely family tradition, we enjoy ours too :)

    P.S Love miss 8's coral coloured shoes!!


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