Saturday, October 6


I thought that I would join in this week, remembering the little things that I am grateful for.  Lately I've been reading the 'Happiness Project', it's captured my attention which means it's good as I'm not a huge book reader (I do read though) and if I didn't have do the usual house hold duties I would be sitting somewhere nice and cool reading.  Anyway the book has inspired me to take the time to jot down each day something that I am grateful for. This week I am grateful for

● Spending time with best friends
● Getting a bit of me time, even if it was spent doing the housework
● Visiting my Mum and Dad
● Hanging out with my family and doing fun things together like having lunch in the park
● My little miss doing some beautiful hairstyles on me, it's fun having those moments with just one of my girls.

Tomorrow is our last day of holidays, just one more day without routines sadly so preparing for Monday will be on the agenda for us and keeping cool it's going to be a hot day again tomorrow.

Joining in here today


  1. Glad you're enjoying your latest read so much Catherine. All your items on your list sound like lovely things to be grateful for. Playing hairdressers sounds like fun :) Enjoy your Sunday x

  2. i am certainly all for taking time to be grateful...enjoy the rest of the weekend..savour the slower moments. x

  3. I'm definitely gonna pick that book back up again and start reading. Of course, I still haven't finished One Thousand Gifts yet. I sure do like days without routines. But this whole was spent cleaning and that's no fun at all. Especially when I really only scratched the surface. Why do weekends go way too fast? Enjoy your last day of the holiday. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Nice to have some time with family and friends. Lovely.

  5. I think it is a good exercise for everybody to stop and make a gratitude list. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are...

  6. inventory that always puts things into perspective!

  7. Great idea jotting down a daily grateful. reading it over when a tough day has been had will definately bring comfort.
    Hoping the first week back is not ttoo busy :)

  8. I really need to read that book, so many wonderful people have highly recommended it!!

    I am going to start Instagraming one grateful a day, starting from... soon.



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