Tuesday, December 4

It's looking like Christmas

It felt like Christmas here yesterday.  We opened our third advent envelope and our activity to do to get us in the Christmas spirit was, paint our toenails Christmas colours.  The girls love to have their toenails painted it's a bit of a treat of ours during the school holidays. I also noticed how big my girls are getting, Miss 13's feet are almost the same size as mine now, sigh they grow so fast.
There was also a lovely parcel sitting in my letterbox too, my ornament arrived from Christina's swap.  I was like a little child eagerly opening up the present to see who had created something just for me and what delightful decoration was I to receive.  So I took a couple of photos before opening up my parcel and there inside was the sweetest linen bunting I've seen.  Nicole made it so beautifully, the small detail on the trees is so neat and precise, I really love it thank you it's now got a spot on my craft door so I can admire it each time I go in to do some crafting. She was also so kind and sent a little something for each of the girls, they love their hair ties and are enjoying wearing them today, thank you so much.
Many thanks again to Christina for organising the swap it was such a great idea and so much fun.


  1. We are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit here too Catherine.
    How cute is that bunting? So adorable and something you could use year round.

  2. I love that idea of nail polishing together :0) V.cute

  3. Hi Catherine, its been a while since I last dropped by so Iv'e been sitting eating dinner(homemade pizza)and finishing a cup of tea while enjoying reading through your latest posts.All your Xmas preparations are lovely, the home made cards,the spoon stakes and gifts....... leaving me feeling a little nervous I haven't started anything yet!
    I really miss the excitement of Christmas with children, the plays,setting up the tree and letters to Santa............
    Xmas holidays is one of the most busiest times for us with our Accommodation so at present I'm finalizing bookings and working in the Gardens pruning and mulching so everything looks its best for the guests. Oops better make something Christmaseee for the guests too !
    Great to hear the girls first year at their new school went well and boy don't they grow up quick ! lovely to see you all enjoying each others company painting your nails.
    Cheers Andrea X

  4. Great bunting! And how sweet that the girls got a gift too. I can't wait to post pics of the ornaments I received and the little gifts for Cohen and Emerson that came with them. I will do another mosaic of the ornaments on the blog before Christmas too. Thanks so much for joining in. It has been such fun, I think I will organise it again next year! :)

  5. I love your advent calendar idea! That's what Christmas is really about - coming together, having fun, enjoying each other. Beautiful xx

  6. Those painted toes!!! So very cute.
    Ronnie xo

  7. Your toenails are adorable!! Will have to add that activity to my calendar when Grace gets older :) Love your thoughtfully made bunting x

  8. Sounds like ya'll are having fun. That bunting is very sweet! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

  9. Beautiful toes....beautiful bunting...i now know what to do with some of the hessian from my hubby's studio reno's. xxx

  10. Oh, Christmas toes! I love how you do activities to get into the season.

    Also, the bunting is just lovely. Such a wonderful surprise. :)

  11. Love the bunting, it is beautifully sewn! Your daughters have all your foot genes I think..even that little toe is just the same!

  12. That bunting is just the sweetest! What a perfect addition to your gorgeous home x


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