Saturday, March 23

Earth Hour

Just popping in to remind you, if you wanted to give it a go, that tonight is earth hour. It starts at 8:30pm tonight but we will celebrate it a bit early so the little one can participate too.  So there will be dinner by candle light, very romantic, and maybe a board game too, we enjoyed doing that last year.  I'm making a few candles this afternoon in preparation for tonight as I have none left from my candle making session last year. I find it nice and relaxing to have everything switched off, I never do mind the odd blackout when all goes quiet and the hum of the refrigerator stops.  Enjoy your evening tonight and if you decide to join in, Happy Earth Hour to you.


  1. Woops, I'd better get off the computer and turn the lights out. xxoo

  2. oh thanks for the reminder. perfect way to move into this last week of lent. xo

  3. Beautiful candles! I appreciated your tips re setting the wick first. I've been wanting to make walnut shell mini candles for winter so thanks for the inspiration:)
    I've enjoyed perusing your blog, I came via the whole food mama.

  4. I like your clever peg idea for setting the wick. I haven't tried making candles yet but love burning them in our home each night, such a peaceful, calming ritual for me... so one day, I'll definitely try making some beeswax ones of my own :)

  5. You know, i completely forgot about Earth Hour. I didn't notice any publicity to even remind me. Most of the lights go off here after the dishes are done anyway. I do love candles. I made some about a year ago. so simple and pleasing. Jane x


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