Saturday, August 3


Miss 9 - I love the way she likes to layer and mix her clothes and it just works.
Miss 13 - Oh so tall and looking so grown up, almost 14 soon.

A few favourites from last week were Ronnie's boys altogether, I love the soft muted tones in her photos; this gorgeous silhouette and Kate's two little sweeties.

Joining the lovely Jodi for the 52 Project.


  1. Beautiful pics Catherine, I love the layering as well, a great way to squeeze in more colour! mel x

  2. Beautiful photos, Miss 9 does have a cute fashion sense! It looks like summer at your place. Hugs Wendy

  3. These are so so gorgeous. I love Miss 9's fashion sense. And Miss Almost 14! Wonderful! Sigh. these captures are fabulous. xxoo

  4. Cute outfit Miss 9! Strawberry picking, lucky you! Lovely photos Catherine x

  5. Love these, my girl loves to mix and ( not so much) match too. I think it's wonderful they can march to the bet of their own fashion drum xx

  6. Love that they clearly have their own style ...and yes don't they get big so fast. xxxx

  7. Miss 9 looks so tall here! And I can't believe your big girl will be 14 soon... time passes so quickly... I feel as though I've seen her go from an older girl to teenager to young lady in the time I've know you :)


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