Friday, August 30

I'm sorry I haven't been in this space much lately.  There are a few reasons why, there is a lot on my mind at the moment mainly my Dad who is still unwell.  I also feel like although I stop by here I don't stop by your spaces often enough. I appreciate how important your time is and so I really cherish all of you stopping by and your beautiful comments that you always leave for me.  I almost feel it isn't fair to not come by and say hi to you as often as you do me and so because of that I have stepped back a little from this space until I can be a good blogger to you as you are to me.  I hope that makes sense.  I've still been taking photos, not lots but it still comes out with me so I thought I'd share a few photos of what has been happening here in my life over the past few weeks.
• Family photos organised and taken by me.
• A free photography workshop learning lots about animal and macro photography.
• Date day with my hubby, enjoying a walk through the bush together just the two of us, so nice.
• Afternoon view from my mother in laws new home.
• My little Miss Birthday all dressed up for book week.
• Some baking this week, chocolate date cake.

I will be back again on Sunday with my 52 Portrait photos.  It's going to be a busy weekend here with Father's Day on Sunday as well as my big girl's birthday to celebrate, so there will be lots of happy times I'm looking forward to it very much.  Until then have a wonderful weekend my friends I hope the weather is sun shiny and happy.


  1. For the most part what others get from reading a post is better than a comment left on their blog. Over the years I have been amazed what I have learnt from regular, simple, everyday posts. It's what I love most about blogging.

    Thoughts are with your Dad. And Happy Birthday to your eldest!

    Hoping to follow you on Pinterest if you are on there.

    1. Thank you Brooke:) I'm not on Pinterest I think if I did I'd spend way too much time on there, I'm terrible with all the time I spend looking on the internet already;)

    2. Thanks Catherine. It is a great time waster. I'm working at making those pins happen this month!!

  2. Never feel bad or guilty when it comes to this space or dropping by anyone else s space....sorry to hear your dad is unwell ...I hope this weekend brings much joy and family a big birthday thrown in there too....take care and keeping taking those beautiful memories. xxx

  3. Don't ever feel bad about not posting Catherine... it should happen when and if you feel like writing, whether or not you've been commenting in others' spaces... we all have periods that are busier/more stressful etc. and so it is only understandable we cannot always 'be everywhere' all the time. You just write when you feel like it and we'll all be here happy to read your posts when you do.

    I'm so sorry to hear your Dad hasn't been well lately. Thinking of him and your family and sending much love to you all. I love the family portrait you had taken. Take care my friend xx

  4. Hi Catherine, you mustn't feel bad about not posting, family comes first! I do know how you feel though as I didn't post for about two weeks a while back and felt so bad, but I just had to get some space for a while and focus on the family and all of the other things we have going on! I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, sending much love and thoughts to you. Take care. x

  5. I'm sorry your dad is unwell, enjoy your weekend of celebrations and happy birthday to your girl x

  6. Oh gosh Catherine, if you feel like writing, just write and if you want to post a picture or just share something, please do it, regardless of how little time you spend in other people's spaces. I know the community aspect is very important but blogging for me is just as much about the creativity that I can unleash as it is about being inspired by other writers. I feel, especially lately, it's all too easy to feel guilty for not contributing enough to others, but we do what we can when we can. You're so generous with your sincere comments so post away! But I am very sorry to hear about your dad - hope he recovers soon. x

  7. This is okay, Catherine, to be caught up by real life. I am sorry to know that your Dad is not well, I wish him to recover soon! God bless !
    Beautiful photos, and a yumm yumm cake!

  8. I'm sorry your Dad isn't well - thinking of you x

  9. Love the photo of your family, those sort of photos are always a treasure. Don't feel pressured to visit blogs, just do what you can when you can!! Hugs Wendy xx

  10. Beautiful photos! That cake looks really good. :)

  11. A lovely little collection of photos.
    The chocolate date cake looks delicious. I love how the dates go all caramel tasting when cooked. x

  12. Go gently Catherine. I have just had a quiet patch myself and of course it is only hindsight that can show you that you just didn't need to be here when you thought you should have been.. and forget about visiting others. I know we are community but we all feel the ebb and flow of blogging and reading and visiting.. sometimes it all fits in with our lives and sometimes it's just plain hard and feels like work. Take this time you need to focus on the things that need your attention. Thinking of you and your family, and your dad. And I have to say, your portraits of the girls go from strength to strength every week. Whenever you find what you need to break through that wall that you feel keeps holding you back.. my goodness, look out! Much love xx

  13. Hope all the celebrations went swimmingly
    Did you get to spend some time with your dad?
    Take your time Catherine - and spend it when its most useful

  14. Dear Catherine,

    That is such a lovely family photo there. I'm so sorry your Dad is still unwell. Please don't ever apologise or worry about visiting us. We are all here for you. Thinking of you.

    Mel xxx


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