Sunday, August 11


A collection of photos from my week, little things that caught me eye, that made me stop and take a photo to remember.
1. When I looked up the sky looked like it was covered in feathers rather than clouds.
2. I found some peas, not all quite ripe I think I was just a tad over enthusiastic.
3. Homemade bread and home grown tomatoes for lunch with salt and pepper, simple but so tasty.
4. Camp gear all lined up and ready to be packed.
5. Such a pretty sunset one afternoon.
6. A new pillowcase made and edged in crochet for the little one to take to camp, a little something snuggly from home made by me.
7. Bunny pj's made to take to camp.
8. Admiring the blossoms in the afternoon light in my neighbours yard.

Joining Em this week for Weekly Stills.


  1. I want a crochet-edged pillow slip!!!
    And bunny pjs
    Glorious skies and tomatoes - your week looks fab from here

  2. Beautiful as always, I love the crochet trim on the pillow! Hugs Wendy

  3. Oh hello!! How cute is that crochet trim?! I love that clouds can look like feathers but I have to say I love bunny pj's the best! Xx

  4. oh a sky of feathers! beautiful x

  5. What a simply amazing sky! Your daughter will appreciate those 'made by mum' items at camp too...lovely.

  6. Love your collection of beautiful moments this week. I love taking photos of white clouds in the bright blue sky too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. I have a fascination with clouds at the moment...i am always driving though and can't always snap their beauty. I can see why Miss 9 was happy to go to camp with all that special mumma made love going on. xxxxx

  8. your photos always make me smile, so much beauty captured. I love the feathers in the sky.

  9. Those clouds and that sunset is amazing!

  10. Oh Catherine, your photos never cease to amaze me with all that you capture so beautifully. Those skies, the little moments around your house etc... I love seeing it all. And that pillowcase is SOOO lovely... when I've finished Sophie's quilt and am ready to make some pillowcases, I'll have to enlist your help with something similar as my crochet skills are still so poor :) Hope you're having a wonderful week xx

  11. What beautiful treasures for your gorgeous girl! And those sky pictures are simply magnificent. Beautiful captures of everyday magic x x

  12. Love the 'things lined up photo', something about lining them up seems more organised than laying them out on a bed! Hope your little one had a good time at camp.

    We are headed out strawberry picking on the weekend (just the kids and I) so I visited to see exactly where you went. Google map printed, we are ready!!

  13. I adore that pillow case I bet she did too, especially being away on camp. My big boy went to camp last week and wouldn't take anything to snuggle at night so I told him to think of his thermals as a hug from me, he didn't say anything but I know he would have been remembering it when he was so far away at night time.x


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