Saturday, August 10

Ten on the Tenth

I've been a bit snap happy with my camera today taking photos for another chocolate making demonstration and for ten on the tenth.  I really wanted to take part in ten on the tenth again so here is a little bit of what my day looked like through my lens.
1. Roses on my dining table brought home one evening by my hubby.
2. I was asked to take photos of a chocolate making demonstration today.
3. Organic noodles for lunch.
4. Her jewellery hanging up.
5. He's making a letterbox for his Mum's new house.
6. Miss 9 sitting down on the floor to do some drawing.
7. An afternoon smoothie.
8. Bringing in the washing late afternoon.
9. Looking at more lovely photography blogs.
10. Finishing the evening off with a cup of my favourite tea.

I'm joining in with Rebekah today.


  1. Beautiful Catherine, I especially love the washing line. That chocolate looks too good, doesn't it. I hope you got to sample it as well!
    I finally managed to play along with 10 on 10 too. It was fun.
    Happy weekend too you xo

  2. What a beautiful day - chocolate, roses, creativity, good food, inspiration.....
    I also finished with an organic white tea - thanks to your blog....

  3. Really beautiful photos. What a lovely day you've had. I could dip my finger into that chocolate quite easily. Yum!

  4. Catherine, these are really beautiful - especially the washing line! So, so lovely - all of them. I can't believe I completely forgot this month.. I think I'll be doing Ten on Eleven x

  5. Beautiful photos. Those roses are gorgeous. I bet that chocolate was as good as it looks.

  6. What a gorgeous representation of your much goodness and beauty. Hope your Sunday is just as rewarding. xxx

  7. Roses and chocolate - has to be a good day
    And I love the washing line too!

  8. waw, very artistic pictures.


  9. Beautiful photos, looks like quite a productive day for all- love the roses.

  10. Love this insight into your day - those roses are just lovely! x

  11. beautiful. love the roman...thought I was the only "adult" still eating them. glad ot know I am in good company.

  12. Beautiful glimpses of your day, hugs Wendy

  13. as usual wonderful snaps - especially the roses...I am trying so very hard to improve my photography without auto switch, but i seem to be trashing more than keeping!

  14. I love your washing line photo... it reminds me so much of our home :) How lovely to be brought home such gorgeous flowers and that tea looks like a lovely end to your day. I must remember to join in next month x

  15. such beautiful pictures.. captures of sweet moments. Warm blessings to you and yours!


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