Sunday, September 29


1. We made this yummy cake for a treat this week.
2. Her painting.  I love school holidays.
3. Hubby and I all dressed up and ready to head off to a wedding.
4-7. St John's Cathedral where the ceremony was held. A magnificent and beautiful place.
8. The reception before we all were seated.
9. The cake.
10. The view out over the city at dusk.
11. The reception at night.
12. Riverfire, an annual event in my city.
13. Little gifts created by crafty little hands.

It was our first week of school holidays and they were lovely.  We really didn't get up to much, staying close to home baking, playing with play dough, painting, swinging and organising sleep overs. Saturday saw my hubby and I going out together for his work colleagues wedding, it was a beautiful evening with the bride and groom so full of love and happiness. Sunday was a lazy day at home not doing much at all just the way I like to end the week.  We have another week of holidays, so more sleep ins and no routine!

May your week ahead be a lovely one.

I'm linking up with the lovely Em this week.


  1. You look lovely (and happy) all dressed up to go out
    I love the reception flowers and the cake
    And great work with a firework shot - I can not take night shots at all
    Yay for school holidays

  2. Don't you just love school holidays! We've been doing exactly what you are and loving every moment :) Catherine you look absolutely lovely and what a beautiful church! Enjoy the rest of your sleep ins :)

    Sophie xo

  3. You look lovely for the wedding Catherine - and your photos from it are just lovely, what a beautiful church (and cake!) School holiday time is such a nice time, isn't it?! (I might be a bit biased!) xx

  4. You look beautiful - love your dress! And what a stunning church! Enjoy week two of the holidays xx

  5. Weddings are always a too look gorgeous. Happy second week of holidays. xxxx

  6. Love your dress. The wedding looked beautiful. Your capture of Riverfire is beyond words. And I love the little treasure made from leaves.

  7. first of all, your photography is so wonderful, i am so in love with every shot here. i love the dress you are wearing as well!

    lindsey louise

  8. How lovely and relaxed you both look. Love the fireworks shot, I have so much trouble capturing them :)

  9. WOW...AMAZING photos Catherine, really gorgeous!!!!!! and you look wonderful x

  10. What an impressive church, lovely photos!

  11. what a beautiful collection of snippets, Catherine. the fireworks shot is spectacular! you guys look beautiful all dolled up - and my goodness is your biggest girl like you!! x

  12. Beautiful photos and a lovely photo of you and your husband! The church looks amazing.

  13. Beautiful photos Catherine. I love going to a wedding. Your eldest daughter looks so much like you and your youngest like her dad, do people say that often? Loving your photos and snippets of your days x

  14. Oh wow! These are so great. Love the shot of you guys. Nothing nicer than attending a gorgeous Wedding. Did you finish the shawl in time???

  15. Your photos are all so lovely Catherine, especially the one of you and hubby. I adore your dress, so beautiful xx


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