Sunday, September 15

This week

Ahh the weekend is over again but it's been such a great week. My wonderful hubby took a couple of days off to be home so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary together on the day. This year it's 15 years of marriage, 20 years of being together I feel so grateful to have found my life partner to share this journey of life with.  We went for a bush walk, it was hot and dry but fun to be outdoors.  Saturday there was a trip to visit a couple of new markets, dinner and then a show just the two of us and a pretty light show at Southbank to see too.  It was a special week, it was nice to do things just the two of us, even though not often, very special when we do.
1. A walk in the bush.
2. Some fresh bread to go with dinner using this recipe.
3. Dessert, a healthy berry crumble, served with cream of course. (I used just 500g of berries for the four of us)
4. The markets.
5. A walk around New Farm Park, the place we got married.
6. Light show at Southbank.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  It's the last week of school and I have to say we are all looking forward to some time off to rest.  May your week be a lovely one.


  1. that sounds really lovely.. so important & special to make time just to be two. Congratulation on your anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary! We've had some precious alone time this week too (had to fly away to get it!)

  3. Happy Anniversary Catherine! 15 years... 20 years... It's wonderful :) G;ad to hear you spent it well. That fresh bread looks amazing!

    Sophie xo

  4. Happy anniversary to you both ...a wonderful milestone to be celebrating with lots of lovely things holidays...we are two weeks away from ours and yes we are hanging out for them too. xxxx

  5. Happy anniversary, sounds like you both had a lovely weekend. Crumbles and bread look delish and that is such a beautiful colour rose. Counting down the days over here as well!

  6. Catherine, happy anniversary to you both. What a wonderful milestone! I wish you many many more happy, love-filled years together. It sounds like you spent some lovely time together this week. I adore that market table above... if only I could reach in and buy a few of those lovely pieces! Two weeks until holidays here... counting down :) Have a lovely week my friend xx

  7. Huge happy anniversary for me to you x looked like the perfect way to spend it :)

  8. Wow. Congrats for the 20 years of being together. How amazing to know another couple living life together. Very inspiring, too. :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful week Catherine - happy anniversary! :)


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