Saturday, October 19


Oh my it really scares me typing 42 in the title, only 10 weeks left of the year left, Christmas shopping here I come!!! Well I'd like to think I should, hoping I can get motivated to start asap.

Miss 14 - Sitting down searching for a cupcake recipe to make for a treat for afternoon tea.
Miss 9 - She's loving playing her Dad's guitar at the moment.

A couple of my favourites from last week were this one I just love the bright pink lights and this little one peacefully sleeping.

Joining Jodi again this week for the 52 portrait.


  1. Lovely portraits as always Catherine! x

  2. Do you plan on printing these out at the end of the year for your girls? 10 weeks, yikes!

    1. I was thinking of printing out a book for each of them as a gift for Christmas which means I'll probably have to get it all organised soon. It's a little scary isn't it!!

  3. Gorgeous as usual....gone are the days we we reached for a cookbook..... xxxxx

  4. Beautiful photos, you have done well keeping up with this task! It amazes me how quickly this year is going by, soon it will be Christmas :) hugs Wendy

  5. Love these shots, so beautiful! and that one of Miss 9 is so gorgeous, her smile can light up a room!

  6. Lovely photos! The girls look very relaxed and happy.

  7. so so so lovely (as usual). your portraits a re so spot on. What a lovely book you will make for them (and for you!). xo

  8. love love how you capture your girls
    so precious

  9. Your daughters are so sweet :) God bless your family!

  10. Your little one seems very musical :) Both lovely captures. I love how you snap shots of your girls in their 'every day' so beautifully xx


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