Sunday, November 10

This week

・we went up to my parents home for a visit.  This is my Dad's latest project, a hot rod in the making, something he's always wanted to do after selling his many years ago.
・Miss Maggie one and two waiting to be finished.
・arms and legs needing to be filled and attached to the little grey bunny, a Christmas gift for my niece.
・I've started making Miss 9's birthday quilt, here are more rows pinned, waiting to be sewn.
・bird watching. If you look closely there is a silhouette of a small bird in the branch.  It's a little baby black-faced cuckoo-shrike ready to fly from the nest. Only today has it made it's first short flight.
・card making for her class.  She will be finished year 4 in just 3 weeks so we're starting early so we're ready in time.

I hope your week has been lovely, may the week ahead be a wonderful one.

Joining the lovely Em this week.


  1. Hi Catherine,
    I've always been reading you but haven't been writing for long. I've just changed my blog and turned it into something different. But it's always me. Have a good week.
    ps love those two cute rabbits

  2. Hi Catherine. It's so lovely to drop by your blog after such a long absence (again!). I LOVE the rabbits. and I do hope you show off the finished birthday quilt when it's done. sending happiness your way. Jane xx

  3. oh those cards are super sweet!! - are they baby pom poms???
    the rabbits are adorable - clever you

  4. Hello, hello, welcome back to blog world. We seem to have coincided with our hiatuses (not sure if that's the right plural). Lovely images, lovely to have you back x

  5. the rabbits are adorable! where do I find a pattern for them?

  6. Hi Catherine, your Miss Maggie's are looking beautiful. I love the grey. Lots of lovely things in your week. I hope the rest of this one is just as lovely too. Mel x

  7. Such productivity going on round your place....that also looks a little like my dad's place too. xxxx

  8. Hi Catherine- lovely photos- to a good week ahead for all. Xx ps. Quilt colours are beautiful. X

  9. Oh those rabbits are the cutest! Love them!
    Sophie x

  10. A beautiful week. So much loviness.

  11. Everything looks lovely Catherine, your bunnies are progressing well :) Hugs Wendy


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