Saturday, December 28


Miss 14 and Miss 9- Having a photo with her great Nan or Nana Nana as she is fondly known.
Miss 14, Miss 9 and My Hubby - My gorgeous three sitting down for the present opening at my parents house.

Thank you Jodi for this project it's been a lovely way of documenting a year in my girls lives and watching them grow.  Joining Jodi for the final instalment in the 52 project.


  1. I've admired your work on this project. Have you thought of turning the photos into a little gift for your girls? It's such a wonderful record!

    1. Thank you:) I had wanted to give it to them for Christmas but I needed to finish the photo taking so maybe it will be a gift for them for the birthdays next year..

    2. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Congrats on completing the project.

  2. What a great finish to a very fun project....loved getting to know your girls a little through photos....hope your Christmas was a memorable one. xxxxx

  3. Gorgeous! Well done on completing the project Catherine... I've so enjoyed seeing your portraits each week x

  4. Gorgeous precious photos! xxoo

  5. Gosh Catherine! What a year of fabulous photos. So wonderful. You have certainly inspired me! You are so talented in so many ways. Hope your holidays were merry and bright. xo

  6. Hi Catherine,
    such beautiful portraits, as always. And yes, I agree: it would be such a lovely birthday presents for them.
    I haven't always been good at my 52 projects this year: there have been weeks when I could not take a porta├Čts for the three of them but next year it's definitely at the top of my personal projects list.
    Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family.


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