Monday, January 13


 I have to confess Summer is not my favourite season. I just don't like the heat, I don't thrive in it at all.  If I was to choose a favourite season it would be either Autumn or Spring, my energy seems to be greater during those seasons. This Summer we've been getting some sweltering days here, so no gardening has been happening at all mostly the only thing living is sadly the weeds.  Despite the neglect the cherry tomatoes are still producing for us, perfect for Summer salads. 
What is your favourite season?


  1. Summer to an Australian is completely different to what you would experience in other more temperate zones. We suffer searing dry heat that is relentless in the intensity of the rays that beat down. I'm with you - I don't like the peak of summer. Certainly the milder days are more appealing and conducive to recreational and creative pursuits, far more social and easier to cope with. Stay out of the heat and hide like me under the air conditioner.

  2. I am with you on the seasons...and sadly our garden is suffering with the heat.....It always comes back when we get a chance to spend time in it though. xxx

  3. Summer is a tricky gardening season for us as well! I'm looking forward to planting again in a few weeks in the garden, when the heat starts to wind down a bit!

  4. gosh your photography keeps getting better and better! Amazing!

    Summer has never really been my favorite season... I think I like Autumn and Spring best of all! xo

  5. Your photos have inspired me tho Catherine. The garden might be a tad thirsty but it is what it is. I'm going to photograph mine tomorrow.

  6. I agree- i feel like the basil in your top picture there in summer. I'm more of an Autumn girl myself, neither hot nor cold.


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