Wednesday, January 1

Welcome 2014

So today marks the start of a new year, new adventures, new memories, new achievements.  I got out my new calendars, wrote in the birthdays, anniversaries and appointments and thought about my dreams for the year ahead.  Some of them ring very similar to last years but I am determined that this year will be different.  I know it will be different in many ways but without a doubt I will achieve goals I've thought about too much. I will be happy and live more thoughtfully and just enjoy my life because I have just one for that I am so grateful.  This year my word will be ACHIEVE. These are the goals/focus points this year that I will achieve.

* I will be paid to photograph people and create visual memories for them to keep and enjoy.
* I will create clothing for myself.
* My garden will be lush and green and loved.
* I will push past invisible barriers of feelings of procrastination and fear. I will believe in myself.
* I will be more active and involved in life.
* I will be more mindful.
* I will have strong, lasting, wonderful relationships in my life.
* I will be happy.

I hope the start of the year has been a lovely one for you. 


  1. What lovely goals, I too have been thinking about what I'd like to have achieved by this time next year, it's exciting to get on with it all!

  2. Your goals are wonderful. Go get 'em Catherine.

  3. Great word and great goals! So happy to read your first goal because we want to get some family photos taken this year and you are the person I wanted straight away. After the heat of summer is done would be a good time. Hope we can make it work. Excited!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear Brooke. We can definitely make this work:)

  4. I hope to make plenty of my own clothes too. You may be interested in joining in the Year of Ethical Fashion pledge-
    May 2014 be a lovely one.

  5. wow. I love your positive affirmations Catherine. I hope you achieve all of them and more! hugs, Jane x

  6. Go you! They sound like lovely goals. xo

  7. Catherine, you have put together such a well thought out and considered list. I really need to take notice of #4 myself :) I'm in the middle of trying to decide on my 'word' for the year...something to do with 'making things happen and shaping the life I want'... Wishing you a year in which you reach your goals and have happiness galore xx

  8. P.S So lovely to see your little heart here... I hadn't opened the package after I ordered it from Jane so I'm glad to see its every bit as sweet as I'd hoped xx

  9. Brilliant goals, Catherine - all the best for 2014! x

  10. Oh Catherine - I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see your NUMBER 1 on the list! Much love and strength - and most importantly, belief - I believe in you xx

  11. Oh sweet Catherine. I'm still here, reading your gorgeous words. I was so touched to see a familiar little heart here - lovely to know Amanda sent it to you. I'm sorry I haven't been around - life has been extra challenging here lately. Much love to you J x


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