Sunday, March 2


There was a lot of cooking these past couple of days in my kitchen.  I made a carrot and ginger soup to take to my Mum to fill her fridge with a couple of meals along with some pesto and pasta.
Miss 14 tested out her cooking skills she's developing at school and made us a yummy corn cob loaf to have for lunch at my Mum's.
And I have a new camera addition.  My father was an avid photographer (along with his father and mother and numerous other relatives) and so before digital photography he used this film camera. He bought it way back in the 80's second hand if my memory is correct, from a little shop down the road from the butcher shop where he worked.  It's  looking a little worse for wear but with a clean up, film and a lesson or two for me I'm looking forward to taking some photos with it.  It will make me smile knowing it's something he used.  Do you have any tips for me when using an old SLR?  It's all new to me.

It will be Monday tomorrow already, I hope it's a lovely one for you.


  1. Such yummy comfort food for you all.....and that camera is gorgeous have fun making beautiful pictures xxxx

  2. That soup sounds amazing - and the camera looks so pretty - love it! And how special will it be to use and cherish it

  3. Yum yum! And very special that you've got your Dad's camera. Have a great week Catherine. xxoo

  4. Oh, gorgeous camera. Enjoying learning and playing with that. At Uni we were taught to note down the settings we used for each shot, so we could understand what worked or what didn't and get to know our camera. We were also told to shoot lots! Different angles, different depths of field, because sometimes the unexpected is perfect. And even when you think you've got the shot, take another one. You might surprise yourself! :)

  5. I'd love a film SLR. So I've no tips unfortunately, but I can appreciate the sentiment behind using an old camera that belonged to a loved one. My Grandma passed away last year, and I inherited a couple of cameras of hers. It's been fun to use them, knowing that she used them at some time too.

  6. That soup sounds delicious! How lovely that your Dad's camera is now in your possession given your passion/talent for photography xx


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