Thursday, April 17


So today the girls and I managed to achieve one thing on the holiday list of things to do, visit the museum and art gallery ✓
It was a beautiful day in the city for a visit so much so that I think everyone else had the same idea because it was very, very busy.  We met my friend and her three daughters and wandered around together stopping for lunch and an afternoon tea treat of an ice cream.  There was just a little bit of chatting in between the play and supervision of the girls so I think we'll have to organise a catch up for just the two of us for another day. 
Here is a snapshot of our day together.
May your Friday be a happy one tomorrow.


  1. A lovely day indeed. I don't much like crowds. It's nice being on Spring Break while others are still in school because that means that morning activities are pleasant and traffic isn't so bad. Have enjoyed days at the beach just wandering and looking for treasures. Very relaxing! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Tammy

  2. Such a nice place to visit! Seems like you enjoyed being there. Here is getting so hot I have no wish to go out in the afternoon... only evening is still suitable.
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. It sounds like you had a great, but busy day, Catherine. It certainly looks like a beautiful day weather-wise. I love the last photo and how the city is blurred in the background. You have such a good eye for photos! Have a great day tomorrow too. :)

  4. I love that jelly fish photo and the Brisbane skyline ones too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. It looks like a lovely outing - aren't school holidays grand? :)

  6. Oh that looks like fun! So looking forward to outings like this with my girls. That ceiling reminds me of a kaleidoscope xx

  7. Looks like a great day.....we haven't been to the museum for so long maybe we might follow suit next week.. Happy Easter xxxx


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