Friday, May 16

136/365 'This Week In My Kitchen'

 I really love this meme that Heather has started as I know for certain every week there will be something to photograph and share, thank you for hosting Heather.
So this week in my kitchen I have been
chopping up vegetables for
A blueberry smoothie in my new mother's day gift
Vegetarian Fried Rice
White bean dip on corn thins with a glass of grape juice
And our all time favourite vegetarian meal, twice baked broccoli potatoes

If you feel like sharing what you've been cooking why not stop by Heather's and join in.


  1. All very yummy things pics of food always look a little road kill.....yours are very inspiring.....happy weekend to you. Xx

  2. Everything looks delicious and vibrant!

  3. yum, yum~ love the way the light dances off the glass of juice. and I think I want some metal straws now, too~

  4. Wonderful food pics and looks so delicious...

  5. Lots of yummy looking meals, the twice baked potatoes and broccoli sounds interesting! hugs Wendy


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