Saturday, May 17

137/365 'Today'

Miss 14 had a big race on today for her cross country running, such a perfect day for it. She came around 100th in her age group out of about 200 girls and beat her personal best by a minute which is really positive.  I admire my Miss 14's dedication and determination to continue with a sport she loves, so proud of her.
Miss 10 had her bestie with her which I am sure she appreciated. Today it is her very first sleep over here at our home, so far so good but ask me in the morning....
After the race we stopped for a spot of lunch, a new place to enjoy and discover then it was home again, boy am I exhausted tonight already!

Did you enjoy your Saturday?


  1. Congrats to your big girl...I love the excitement of race days and the start line......I don't love so much sleep overs though....they never seem to find their off buttons. Xxxxxx

  2. I love the photos of the bush, Catherine :)

  3. Beautiful photos, Saturday's can be exhausting! Ours was this week with two soccer games and then a working bee at church! At least the sun was shining though, hugs Wendy

  4. Such beautiful moments, Catherine...and what an accomplishment for that big race! I know weekends can be dreadfully exhausting here, too! I'd love a lazy one where we don't do much of anything (and one where I don't feel bead about it, either!) xo


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