Tuesday, July 1


The lounge room is now in the dining room while my hubby does the painting. He is repainting our house, the last paint job was 13 years ago....
Roses are my favourite.  I will one day grow my own....
I was on a baking and making roll today.  I gave this jam drop recipe for the first time and it was well received.  My go to blueberry muffin recipe and I also made this yummy primal fudge, such a healthy go to chocolate snack I definitely would give them a try if I were you.

Have you tried any yummy recipes lately?


  1. Freshly painted rooms, roses and baking........just perfect! Enjoy Catherine. xxoo

  2. gosh, paining is so very daunting, our place is desperate..jam drops are a favourite here too, they remind me of my nan x

  3. You will love the freshness painting your house will bring. I'm desperate to do the same here but with two little ones and grubby hands, we've decided to hold off a bit longer :) What pretty roses, you should definitely grow a few in a little corner of your garden... low maintenance (apart from pruning) and so beautiful to have freshly cut blooms. Thanks for the recipe links. I will have to try your jam drops next week when Grace is home and that fudge sounds yummy. My almond butter isn't entirely smooth though so I'll have to hunt down a smoother version as I'd love to try out that recipe!! My favourite recipe lately is the banana bread in 'Apples For Jam'. I slice it and freeze it and then pop it in the toaster to warm up before I slather it in butter :)

  4. I love sweet things and your links are inspiring me to try something new this week. For now today and tomorrow are Fast Days and I can only look and imagine the smell and taste! Roll on Saturday!

  5. Roses, baking and freshly painted walls...all very pleasing smells xxxhope you are enjoying the holidays xxx🌹

  6. Love the roses and the jam drops. Isn't it wonderful when the house has been freshly painted? Makes such a difference! xx


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