Wednesday, July 2


I tried my hand at a bit of real estate photography today for a friend.  It was a lot more involved and time consuming and requires skill to get that perfect photo. I was more than happy to help and was happy to try a new type of photography, every bit of experience is positive.  My camera lens did hinder me a little especially in those small spaces we all often have in our homes so if it was something I was to pursue professionally I would consider buying one that was more suited.  For now though I will try my hand at a few more different areas of photography and see how I go.  My next step is to take photos of families my goal for this year I just need to be brave and make that leap....


  1. You've done a great job of these photos Catherine and I'm you'd do a beautiful job of taking family shots too as you already take great shots of your own family. That's great that you are wanting to challenge yourself and expand your photography skills.

  2. I think you've taken some great photos there Catherine. I agree that it is very hard to take good "Real Estate" type photos of rooms and make them look spacious. Every type of photography requires new skills and new equipment too I'm sure! Good luck with your next challenge. Will it be a friends family or are you aiming to turn it into a job...?! Looking forward to seeing the results!

  3. Good for you....feh at a great way to get go and be brave and conquer hour next goal xxx🌿

  4. These are great - be brave with family shoots, trust me you'll love it and you'll be great at it! x


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