Monday, July 14


My girls have one more week at home so we took a trip to the art gallery to meet with friends and enjoy some time together before they make a big move away.  It will be sad to see them go but they have new adventures ahead of them and wish them much happiness.  Come walk around the art gallery with me.  There was a new installation called Harvest that we all enjoyed exploring and admiring the enormity of one particular painting and the detail of the displays.  It isn't always an outing met with a lot of excitement but I think it is good to expose the girls to different things knowing their appreciation will grow with time.  What have you been up to today?


  1. An extra week lucky you.....we ducked in the art gallery last dodge the rain really...Fraser wa less than impressed but there was some great pieces....he didn't like not being able to touch!!!!!! X

  2. Today was a short drive day for us on our road trip from Mossman back to Cairns to get our car serviced. We stopped in to see an old friend who was visiting up here from Victoria, so lovely to be in the company of a friend who knows us well! And tonight, rare internet time! I totally agree with you about exposing children to outings like the gallery that they may take a little time to warm to but one day will appreciate. A bit like vegetables! ha ha xx


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