Monday, August 4

207-215/365 'The Week That Was'

 After I finished my two knitting projects I was determined to finish my crochet blanket, so far I have been going pretty good.  It's lucky it's still cool at night because it is one very heavy blanket to crochet.  I have just 14 rows left of crochet to go and then a lot of sewing in the ends but there is an end insight.
Miss Molly...she does not like my camera one little bit.
After all the Commonwealth Games watching Miss 10 was setting up a pretend hurdle run.  I do wish we would get some rain to green up our yard, it's almost dirt now sadly.
I have been doing a bit of meditating lately, using this recording.
Lots and lots of kettle boiling for cups of tea.
Yummy eggs for lunch my favourite at the moment.
Hot chocolate on a cold afternoon.
Strawberry picking and catching up with friends who need some care and attention. Here's our strawberry picking adventures from last year.

How has your week been?


  1. Strawberry picking - how glorious. Your photos capture those beautiful rows of deliciousness so well!
    PS Your blanket is awesome - I love the colours you chose for this project.

  2. Catherine that crochet blanket is stunning. That pattern is a favourite of mine even though I haven't started my crochet after having a lesson in February. Thanks for reminding me about the strawberry picking as we didn't get to do it in the June school holidays. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane. I haven't posted my photos yet sometime tomorrow hopefully.

  3. Seriously GORGEOUS photos! the strawberry picking is magic


  4. That blanket is beautiful, and the bubbles in the pot, well just everything. Such a lovely collection of images, so glad I stopped by via The Beetle shack!

  5. Endless cups of tea here too lately. I'm a bit worried about the rain easing off here too... come summer, we need the dam levels to be better than they are currently. Your floorboards look amazingly clean and shiny!! What do you clean them with? x

  6. P.S Your crochet blanket is beyond words!! SO beautiful!!

  7. Your blanket is just gorgeous x

  8. Wow you do need some rain...great yard though I can picture it all green and lush. Your crocheting is beautiful and what's not to love about picking strawberries....xxxx


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