Saturday, July 26

206/365 'Ta dah'

My day started early, 6am to be exact, my big girl has decided to play netball so she was off on a bus to do her thing.  I was in shock I tell you that time of the morning is way to early for me  on a Saturday morning.  If I had the choice I would sleep in late but at the same time I really love the quiet beauty of the early morning too, but too often my bed time is late so I'm not so eager for the early morning start. I wish had  taken my camera with me, the sunrise made the prettiest pink and orange sky.  
So onto my photos....I finished my cowl today, yeah!! A project just for me and just in time before Winter ends so I will at least be able to wear it for a few weeks.
 And the baby blanket has been finished.  I had finished the knitting some time ago but hadn't sewn in the ends until today.  I am so happy this is complete within plenty of time before my friend's baby arrives in September.  Now the temptation to start a new project is great but I am going to go back to this one, the one that has been on the go for ummm a few years now.  I am hoping this new motivation will see me finishing it this Winter, I am going to give it a go.
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  The clouds have arrived here, sadly no rain has come with them yet and my girls are nattering away in the kitchen while making brownies, my perfect kind of day.  
I'm joining Ginny today for her Yarn Along.


  1. Awesome job on all the knitting....sounds like a lovely Saturday apart from the early start. Hope there is a sleepy Sunday on its way. Xxx

  2. A beautiful cowl Catherine. I really like the colour you've chosen.
    I hope to get a bit of baking done today, the brownies sound delicious.

  3. Such lovely projects! The colours of that baby blanket are prefect!

  4. Oh Catherine I love your cowl! its just lovely and the baby blanket is beautiful x

  5. Love your cowl and the baby blanket Catherine! Well done xxoo

  6. The knitted blanket is Devine... Oh how I would have loved to have one of them when I had babies it's beautiful. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. Your cowl is beautiful! I love the colour... it will suit you so well Catherine xx


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