Sunday, August 10

221/365 'Ten on the Tenth'

With Ten on the Tenth falling on a Sunday I just knew I needed to try and give it a go.
So here is my Sunday in pictures.

Weekend juicing ingredients.
Miss 10 and Molly enjoying the sun and practicing yoga.
A break for morning tea.
It was time to hang out the washing.
Searching the internet for words of wisdom to share with a friend.
My Mum visiting, sharing with us tales of her first overseas adventure. I am so proud and happy for her.
I made us all some scones to enjoy for afternoon tea and they didn't taste too bad if I do say so.
Molly enjoying a game of fetch with one of her new balls.
Ironing duty on a Sunday afternoon.
Another super moon.

Thank you for popping by to visit.


  1. So lovely, Catherine - I am so jealous of that sunshine! I can feel it! It is cold and grey with an icy wind here.. and it's not letting up. We are heading up your way in less than a month - woo hooooo!! I can't wait to get some sun on our bones. I'll be in touch - maybe we can try again for a catch up? I am ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NOT going to hospital again! That last photo is magic x

  2. What a lovely snapshot of your day...yummy scones and visits from mums always make for a happy one. xxx

  3. Looks like the best day. Love your perspective in the photos too.

  4. Wasn't that moon amazing last your Sunday in pictures and my absolute absolute favourite is the 2nd one with the dog, your daughter doing yoga......just a "sneak peak" outside and the lighting just perfect, such a great photo. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. I always enjoy your photos so much. I was all set to try Ten on Ten this month....but an injury has left me with crutches so I'm leaving it for September (if I remember). I hope your week is filled with even more sunshine :)

  6. So bright and fresh. Lovely photographs!

  7. Dear Catherine - so lovely to peek back into your home and your lives again - always so calming
    I love the shot on the verandah - the light is fabulous!
    My iron only comes out to iron hama beads these days = and I burnt myself doing that this week - its dangerous!!

  8. A lovely set of photos! Loved a peek into your Sunday and wish I could reach through the screen for one of those yummy scones!

  9. I love that picture of Miss 10 and Molly sitting in the lovely sunshine. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. I keep seeing these spectacular moon pictures, but can never seem to spot the moon outside our apartment - draw backs of city living, I guess. ;) Your Sunday looked like a peaceful one.

  11. oh, look at that lovely sunshine. It feels so warm! It looks like you had a lovely Sunday. Nothing says home like jam and cream scones. yum! xx

  12. Beautiful photos. And what a lovely glimpse into your family and the way you spent the day together. Hope this week is a good one for you too. G

  13. I love these photos Catherine! Hope all is going well x


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