Thursday, September 25

269/365 'Homemade Sushi'

We are having a pretty quiet week here this week.  There has been the usual shopping trip, a couple of early mornings of athletics training for Miss 15, baking and a trip to the dog groomer for Molly.  As the girls grow trips to the museum and hours of crafting aren't quite the thing to do which is hard for this Mum who has been so used to organising crafting sessions over the holidays for many years.  With nothing much planned today I thought a nice lunch treat might be in order so we made our own sushi.  It was simple and very yummy indeed and cheap too which I liked, bought sushi can be quite expensive for three people one of which is a growing teenager.  I didn't have any sushi rice at home but gave arborio rice a try and it worked perfectly as a replacement.  This is the recipe we used today for our sushi.  For those with teenagers and older children, any great holiday activity ideas?

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  1. I agree about the holiday ideas...mine are just happy hanging out in their own space with out the demands of going anywhere.....although Meg is having a crafting day here with some friends...all organized by her! should be fun. .We love sushi too. xxx


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