Saturday, September 27

271/365 'Scenic Saturday'

Thank you for all of your beautiful words on my last post, we really had a lovely night out together just the two of us.
My hubby and I were lucky enough to have some more time together today, a belated anniversary celebration. I am so grateful to my mother in law who enjoys having the girls allowing us to be able to have time together. We sat together, had the most delicious brunch and really felt like adults. We took a walk along the newly opened river walk and then visited Newfarm Park (where we married 16 years ago). It was good to get some alone time and to soak up the beautiful spring weather. 
Have you had a beautiful Saturday?
Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Oh what pure loveliness to walk some of those memories for you today...we had a wet miserable day...lots of footy watching, dance classes and a part time job secured....ready for a nice night in. Happy rest of the weekend. xxxx

  2. Beautiful pics of Brisbane. I'll have to get over to anew farm Park when the Jackaranda's come out soon. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. I am so glad that you had a great time out, that is so lovely!! xx

  4. So so lovely Catherine, and so nourishing to have that time together. I love your photos x

  5. I love the architectural shots of the bridge! :)

  6. Your photos are stunning! I love the way the arch frames the city in the first photo and the simplicity of the final shot is gorgeous xx


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