Wednesday, March 25


I can't quite believe it has been so long since I've posted once again. Life is not particularly busy or exciting I've just lost my groove to take photos but that's going to change.  I sat down and wrote myself a schedule and each day photo taking as well as photography education is on the list. I'm going to make this photography business happen this year....So that's a little peek into my last couple of days, random things that captured my attention.

And since it's been a while I thought it would be nice to have a little giveaway.
So the giveaway is open to my lovely blog followers only and for Australian followers only.
I will keep the giveaway open till Monday the 30th of March.
Good luck lovely people.


  1. Pretty things from your week. It's sometimes hard to stay in the groove with photography but it sounds like you've got a plan. Love your sky shots.

  2. Oh I so love when you pop you snapshots up here.....the days are going so fast.....glad you are ok and are going to go for your big can do it!!!!

  3. I love sky photos and I've been a bit the same not taking too many photos this month which is quite unusual for me. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. When we are focussed and productive and everything seems to fall into place makes it all feel so easy and then there are those other times when we feel that we are "out of kilter" or not quite in a groove or things just don't happen as easily. That's the ebb and flow of a life. It's lovely that you are back in your space again and posting such beautiful photos.

  5. I have to remind myself to get my camera out more often too.
    Those handmade cards are stunning. Did you make them?
    Count me in for your delightful give-away please. x

  6. I think it is very easy to lose blogging momentum....I certainly have. But your photography and creativity always make this a delightful place to stop for a while.


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