Sunday, May 31

The month of May

Vast night sky.
May 1st - Fruit
May 2nd - Seasonal
May 3rd - I bought this
May 4th - Sweet
May 5th - Little
May 6th - Five
Looking up I couldn't help but notice the stunning blue sky.
May 7th - My walls
May 8th - Thank gosh it's Friday
May 9th - Colourful
May 10th - Makes me happy
May 11th - The horizon
May 12th - Bubbles
A pretty macro photo
May 14th - Yellow
May 15th - 9:00am
My shoes for an instagram meme.
May 16th - How I relax
May 17th - What I'm doing now
May 18th - Selfie/self portrait
May 19th - Mirror
May 20th - Stripes
A half healthy afternoon tea, chocolate cupcake and raw caramel slice.
Foggy morning photos.
May 21st - Crisp
May 22nd - Energy
May 23rd - Negative Space
May 24th - Together
 Dinner preparations
 Pretty sky
Miss 11 looking so grown up, heading to her year 6 camp.
May 26th - A black and white edit
 May 27th - Flowers
 May 28th - Glass
 A pretty bunch of flowers I bought for me.
 May 30th - Lunch
May 31st - Basket
It was a pretty good month again for me keeping up with the photo taking challenge. I did skip a couple days this month as I chose not to follow the prompts but I did take other photos instead.  I've included the other photos I took over the month too I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 


  1. A lovely bunch of photos for the month of May. And Miss 11 does look very grown up in that picture. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Stunning photos. A beautiful recollection of May in pictures.

  3. So so sooooo many awesome photos Catherine! Great work xx

  4. A really great month of wonderful pictures and great things happening in the pictures!!!! I love those pears that you drew and the photo of you in the mirror is great too! I hope that June will be a great photography month for you as well! xx

  5. They are really breath taking...every one of them...I loved looking over to do it again to take in all that beauty. xx


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